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 Forests of Kyrgyzstan

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Scheduled for 2024 year  

Total planting area, ha

Green heritage


Actually on 30.05.2024  

Number of benefactors   Number of volunteers
0   0
Accumalated sum, thousand som   Total sites planted
0   9
Planted area, ha   Total trees planted
81.4   5540
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Input info
Zoom in on the map so that small purple areas become visible on it - places where forest planting is possible. Click the mouse inside the area - information about it will immediately appear under the map. Here you have the opportunity to become a participant in the planting of seedlings as a volunteer or to donate funds for planting trees as a patron of the arts. A small icon in the form of a pair of green trees means that under this icon there is an area where a forest was planted. Click on the icon and under the map all the information on this planting will appear. The same icon of red color indicates an area for which afforestation information has not yet been entered.
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Trees live like people - grow up, get sick and die
Trees purify the air we breathe and the water we drink, give us medicine and protection from the scorching sun
The forest is a source of livelihood for many animals and people


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